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Abatard Abatard

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Same reaction I had to the movie, and did that guy below me seriously say groundbreaking message? I know, how "moderative" of me.

The story was like it was ripped straight out of "Basic Sci Fi Stories for Dummies" <--if that were real, which I'm pretty sure it isn't, I should write write it!

Anyway, "that was a mediocre movie" comments aside. I like your art style, simplistic, but smooth colors so it doesn't look sloppy. The Q tip is also a nice touch. The character designs are ugly, but beautifully so. Obviously though, it's the making fun of Avatar aspect that really warrants the enjoyment I have of this.

Good work and congrats on front page

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Chickenlump responds:

It's about time somebody answers my artistic calling with more than a few grunts and abbreviations.

Soldier Soldier

Rated 4 / 5 stars


"well that's your opinion, wich is useless since you haven't uploaded something decent yourself... the harshes critics are always those with an empty Newgrounds account. I find this rather pathetic"

I could not agree with you more. That being said, his review didn't really warrant such a response, that should usually be reserved for "Your gay" reviews (notice the lack of an apostrophe? Ah Ha! Easy to spot em!)

Anyway, onto the review.

There is a resemblance to Modern Warfare 2, so don't be to harsh on those who see a connection. That being said, it is clearly an original drawing, with a nice faded use of color. The expression and stance of the soldier also looks like it almost has a message. It's somewhat dark, without being depressing. Well done.

Congrats on front page.